Emergency Casuality
Earlier reports had said this followed a collision with a freight train. (Representational image) JazzIRT/Gettyimages

A passenger train derailed in the western Netherlands, leaving at least one person dead and about 30 wounded, some critically.

According to emergency services, the overnight collision occurred when a train carrying about 50 passengers struck construction machinery close to the hamlet of Voorschoten.

Earlier reports had said this followed a collision with a freight train

Injured people are currently receiving aid from rescuers and medical personnel on the site.

On Tuesday, the accident occurred around 03:25 local time (01:25 GMT).

Overturned carriages and a smoke plume rising into the night sky could be seen in photos taken at the site.

A number of ambulances were visible waiting to transport the wounded, BBC reported.

According to the most recent update from the emergency services, 11 people are receiving treatment in the homes of locals while the severely injured have been transported to nearby hospitals.

The Dutch Safety Board, an organization that performs impartial investigations into accidents, has sent representatives to the crash site.

Between The Hague and Amsterdam is Voorschoten.

According to the NRC newspaper, the crash caused all trains between The Hague and Leiden to stop operating.

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