“One Piece” Chapter 1019 is back after a week’s break, but it seems like July is a busy month just as Japan prepares itself for the Olympics from June 23 to August 8. This means mangaka Eiichiro will have enough time crafting another suspenseful “One Piece” plot that leaves readers at the edge of their seats.

Fans of the manga are left wanting more, but, Oda will leave another gripping plot with “One Piece” Chapter 1019. The chapter will be released this weekend, but additional revelations will be leaked during the week, culminating with the manga to be posted on Friday.

In the previous chapter, readers saw how Jinbe defeated Who’s-Who using “Gyojin Karate Ogi: Onigawara Seiken,” causing the arena to disintegrate. In chapter 1019, readers will get to see a lengthy battle between beast pirate Sasaki and Franky.

Titled "Heliceratops," it is based on an attack move by Sasaki when battling with Franky. The chapter begins on the "Live Floor," where Queen is blasting several beams at Sanji where he avoids them.

Meanwhile, Dr. Miyagi plans to inject Zoro with a recovery medication, with Minks stabbing Zoro through the bandages Sanji put on him.

Chapter 1019 will also have fans see Luffy restored to health after his defeat and fall from the sky.

In the “Skull Dome,” Sasaki duels with Franky and subsequently used a new attack called “Heliceratops” to get rid of the Gifters from the Armored Division. The fight between them takes up most of the chapter, and it appears that the duel has been settled with Sasaki knocked out.

At Onigashima's dome, Kaidou and Yamato are fighting with the former in his hybrid form.

"Yamato, I recognize you are a strong fighter!” Kaidou told her. “Although I didn't plan for you to eat that devil fruit which I obtained with great difficulty!” he continued.

“I ate the fruit because I was hungry!” Yamato said. “I wanted to go to sea, but because of this I am now unable to swim!"

On the final page of the chapter, readers get to see Yamato's hybrid form which consists of pointed long ears and two horns that protrude from her forehead.

Yamato's torso appears to be covered in hair; her hands are large, resembling claws, with his legs like animal legs. Yamato's torso and hair are eventually engulfed in flames, with some of the flames shooting out of her elbows and knees.

Readers are yet to know the name of Yamato's devil fruit.

“One Piece” Chapter 1019 will release on July 18 and might be back on the second week of August after the conclusion of the Olympics.

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Luffy can defeat Kaido in "One Piece," according to a fan theory. One Piece/Facebook

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