'One Piece' chapter 1018 is finally out and it's a continuation of the previous chapter's battle between Who's Who and Jinbe.

It turns out, Who's Who is a former CP9 agent, who was imprisoned after failing to protect the Gomu Gomu no Mi from being stolen.

Without further ado, here are the spoilers for the upcoming chapter.

The chapter begins with Tama becoming the target of Kaidou's subordinates. However, the Gifters who ate her kibi dango stepped in to protect their master.

Tama, Nami and Usopp go on Speed's back and made their escape. Nami tells Zeus that they are now "companions," which made Zeus really happy. Meanwhile, CP0 once again analyzed the battlefield and they also talked about Who's Who.

The scene cuts back to Jinbe vs. Who's Who. The Tobiroppo member expresses his anger against Shanks for stealing the Gomu Gomu no Mi. What makes him more upset is that Luffy is wearing Shanks' hat.

Then, he heard a story about the legendary warrior "Sun God" from a guard, who was related to slaves. Thanks to that story, Who's Who was able to survive in prison.

However, the guard who told Who's Who the story disappeared without a trace, so Who's Who decided to escape from prison in case they did something.

Back to the present, Who's Who asks Jinbe if he knows anything about this story, being a pirate gang of ex-slaves.

At the end, Jinbe uses a new attack against Who's Who.

Some believe the "Sun God" is Jinbe's former captain, Fisher Tiger. However, the leaker confirmed that he is not and fans can probably expect a new character to be introduced in the future.

One Piece
Luffy can defeat Kaido in "One Piece," according to a fan theory. One Piece/Facebook

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