Mangaka Eiichiro Oda is back after a week’s break and that means spoilers for "One Piece" chapter 1017 has been leaked online prior to its initial drop on June 27, Sunday.

In the previous chapter, readers saw Luffy fell from the sky after being defeated by Kaido. Luffy was dropped into the sea but was later saved by the Heart Pirates. In chapter 1017, readers are taken to the “Live Floor”, where Tama is about to give an order.

Unfortunately, as Queen yells at her, she becomes so terrified that she passes out and falls down.

The scene is cut to the fourth floor, where  Jinbe is shot by one of Who's Who's cat girls, as Who's Who laughs loudly at him. Jinbe is unable to hold one-on-one combat with Who's Who due to continuous interruptions by Who's Who's minions.

Readers are also taken to Franky and Sasaki's plight while Inuarashi and Jack couldn't fight since other Kaidou's henchmen are continuously attacking them.

Returning to the "Live Floor," Tama regains her composure as Nami and Usopp cheer her on. Tama summons the courage to issue a command asking all Gifters who have the kibidango to help Luffy and Momonosuke defeat Kaidou. 

Gifters begin to swap sides in response to Tama's command. Briscola, who had been fighting the samurai, has his attention to Kaidou's minions. Other Grifters like Hamlet also started battling his former comrades.

All of Onigashima has heard Tama's command. Readers can see Jack enraged while Inuarashi is relieved. The Gifters with Jack begin to attack Kaidou's henchmen. On the fourth floor, readers witness Poker assaulting Who's Who subordinates in the same way.

The Gifters who flocked to the "Live Floor" to assist Queen switched sides as well.

When Queen learns it's Tama's cause, he prepares to fire at her. Nami and Usopp flee with Tama, while Sanji uses his "Collier Strike" to kick Queen's head, causing Queen's beam to burst in his mouth.

Suddenly, Queen turns into his hybrid form as he talks. His body is "roughly the same size as his human form" and has a long neck and a three-hook "claw" on the tip.

In another scene, Chopper has shrunk as a result of the new Rumble Ball's side effects. The samurai helmet he's wearing practically covers his entire body.

Chopper now talks like an old man, given the fact that he now has the appearance of a baby. The name of this new Chopper's form is "Babyjiji Chopper."

Meanwhile, Miyagi claims that Zou has a great recovery medication. It may temporarily cure Zoro's body, but once the effect wears off, the agony will be compounded.

Returning to the fourth floor, Jinbe is ultimately pitted against Who's Who in a one-on-one battle. Who's Who pulls his katana and attacks Jinbe with "Hagan." Jinbe retaiates with  “Gyojin Karate: Karakusa Gawara Sei Ken.

Who's Who uses "Soru" to deflect Jinbe's strike and then "Rankyaku," but Jinbe counters with his Haki. Jinbe notices that Who's Who is training its warriors in "Rokushiki," a combat technique used by the World Government. After that, Who's Who turns into his hybrid form when Jinbe speaks.

Jinbe told Who’s Who of a rumor about a member of CP9 breaking out of prison. The latter confessed that it was him.

Jinbe calls himself a Straw Hat Pirate, but the very use of that term irritates Who's Who.

According to him, a Devil Fruit, which was being transported under the protection of the government, was robbed 12 years ago. When Straw Hat Luffy first appeared two years ago, he was taken aback. 

The chapter ends with Who's Who saying Luffy has eaten the “Gomu Gomu no Mi” that was taken from them.

According to avid fans of the manga, Oda wouldn’t be having another break soon and would likely continue with chapter 1018. However, there isn’t any information on it, so fans could only hope and wait.

One Piece Luffy can defeat Kaido in "One Piece," according to a fan theory. One Piece/Facebook