“One Piece” Chapter 964 will finally be arriving in a few days. For excited fans, here are some of the exciting predictions floating around.

It seems that Oda and his team want a more detailed backstory for Kozuki Oden as shown in “One Piece” Chapter 963. In a gist, the entire chapter was all about his journey to becoming a pirate.

As previously predicted by Latin Times “One Piece” spoilers, the recent chapter introduced new members to Oden’s retainers. The Daimyo of Kuri rescued the Mink tribe members Nekomamushi and Inuarashi along with Kawamatsu.

Originally, Oden did not plan on taking in the three as members of his inner circle. However, the three just invited themselves in by not leaving his side.

Meanwhile, a few pirate ships arrived at the Kuri Itachi harbor. They later turned out that they were the Whitebeard Pirates led by their captain Edward Newgate.

Upon learning the pirate’s arrival, Oden wasted no time and rushed to the harbor. And in his usual fashion, Oden immediately clashed swords with the Whitebeard Pirates captain before stating his intention of joining the crew.

Based on the installment’s ending, it’s easy to deduce that “One Piece” Chapter 964 will likely feature Oden’s life as a pirate. However, spoilers from Otakukart claim that there might be a time skip but Oden will eventually end up with Roger instead of Whitebeard.

It’s highly likely that Edward might not immediately warm up to Oden considering that the latter greeted him with a sword slash at their first meeting. Thus, “One Piece” 964 will likely feature a brief Whitebeard vs. Oden clash.

Another sad possibility is that the upcoming chapter will reveal the death of an important Wano character. In Chapter 963, Oden visited the capital upon hearing that his father was ill. While it turned out that his father was well, it was also revealed that it would be the last time that the two of them will speak to each other.

There are a number of possible reasons why this might be the case. For instance, the Shogun might already be dead due to natural causes by the time Oden returns from his travel. But some believe that Kozuki Sukiyaki’s death might not be natural as he will likely be poisoned by Kurozumi Orochi.

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