An ex-Playboy bunny is desperately looking to have some fun with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle!

According to Daily Star, Jenna Bentley, an OnlyFans model, and former Playboy bunny has been rather vocal about her new obsession—The Sussexes! And well, Bentley has no qualms in admitting that she’d love a throuple with the couple!

The adult artiste who identifies as pansexual, revealed that she was only 18 when she learned that she was attracted to women as well. The model has reportedly dated both men and women. She however maintained that her sexual preferences were always kept a secret from her family—mum and aunts, included, according to Daily Advent.

Bentley raised eyebrows when she claimed that she was incredibly excited to learn that the Duke and Duchess were moving to the United States, as she believed it was a step closer to her "dream". Bentley resides in Montana, and believes that she’s a lot like Meghan—driven and acquainted with being in the public eye. She branded the former “Suits” star as “attractive” and “a powerful businesswoman” and found Harry to be“so sweet and funny”.

The OnlyFans model recalled how she became an instant fan of Meghan after the Duchess featured on “Suits”, and could relate to her story of “working her way up”. What’s more, Bentley didn’t stop at just that—she maintained that she’s had a thing for Harry “despite his ginger hair”.

“Her commitment to getting what she wanted and that sex scene in the file room – oh my God, it was so hot,” said Bentley as per the media outlet. Strangely enough, the adult artiste seemed to have drawn a comparison between the royal brothers and opined how Harry seemed to be the “fun one” between Prince William and him.

She hopes to realize her longstanding dream of “bumping into them at a party in Los Angeles” soon. But, that’s not all. Bentley signed off by dropping another gem that she’d love to meet Queen Elizabeth, and give the Royal Family tips to keep up with the times.

Bentley has also offered to help the Sussexes “settle” into life in the United States.

In a recent interview, Bentley said she'd like to sum up her thoughts about sexuality and being a pansexual as “I like the wine but not the label.” She’s further averred how it’s often about the connection and getting along with someone that resonated with her thoughts and beliefs.

Well, clearly Bentley is all about the "connection"!

Actor Quinton Aaron (L) and model Jenna Bentley
Actor Quinton Aaron (L) and model Jenna Bentley attend City of Hope's music and entertainment industry John Ivey roast at the House of Blues Sunset Strip on November 7, 2012 in West Hollywood, California. Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images

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