This Wednesday, Nov. 23, the president Of the Dominican Republic, Luis Abinader, gave the assurance that when opposition politicians claim that a project cannot be completed with the funding allotted to it by the government, they are doing so because "they are not used to building a lot with little and that is why they are so confused," said reports.

It was stated by the president that all government projects must be built in a transparent manner and that every penny spent must be accompanied by a report on how it was spent.

Abinader spoke of the transparency that his administration ensures in housing projects, during the act of delivery of 500 apartments in Ciudad Modelo of the Mi Vivienda Plan. The families acquired them with financing facilities at the Banco de Reservas.

Situated in an area far from Villa Mella, the Ciudad Modelo project includes a playground, basketball court, parking for vehicles and engines, as well as a green area expanded over 15,784 meters.

This is the first of 1,760 installments that will be constructed on the same 123,000-square-meter lot. There will be 264 two-bedroom apartments and 1,496 three-bedroom apartments among the project's 1,760 residential units overall.

The Government subsidizes up to 60% of the cost of housing, paying installments starting at 12,000 pesos, instead of the 27,000 that they would pay in a private project.

The Mi Vivienda Plan, according to Minister of Housing Carlos Bonilla, has already resulted in the delivery of 1,060 homes, although the ultimate aim is 7,400. It is anticipated that 4,565 homes will be constructed as part of the Happy Family housing construction initiative.

"Only in the year 2022, the Ministry of Housing and Buildings has delivered 1,180 new homes; 4 times what was delivered annually for the last 4 periods of the previous government," Bonilla remarked.

The Ministry of Housing and Buildings is also creating housing projects in Hato Nuevo and San Luis in the city of Santo Domingo, in addition to Ciudad Modelo, while La Barranquita and Los Salados projects are being carried out in the northern zone.

1180 new homes have been supplied by the Ministry of Housing and Buildings in the year 2022, which is four times the annual average for the last four periods of the previous government.

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