New York Police Department (NYPD) wants to question an ex-handyman lover of married Orsolya Gaal.

According to New York Post, the man had intimate knowledge of her house including where the family kept a spare key.

The former lover has not yet been formally identified as a person of interest or suspect in the gruesome slaying. Law enforcement sources said that it is believed he had a romantic relationship with the 51-year-old mother of two before the affair went south. It’s not clear when the affair began and ended. The man knew where her family kept a spare key at their Forest Hills Tudor, said sources, who felt that he would have been able to access the house without breaking in.

The city medical examiner’s office said that an autopsy on Monday revealed that she was killed by “sharp force injuries” to her neck, reported New York Daily News. Sources and authorities said that Gaal was stabbed nearly 60 times in the wee hours Saturday inside the front of the home. Her corpse was later taken to the basement. She was stuffed in a black duffel bag and then was dragged outside and dumped about a half-mile away. It left behind a trail of blood.

According to police sources, investigators have not zeroed in on one specific person of interest, but instead are looking at multiple potential suspects, reported NBC New York. Law enforcement sources said that a man who knew Gaal and had access to her home was identified as a person of interest, but have not released a name.

The killer knew Gaal, believe cops as there were no signs of a break-in. Sources said that also considering the violent nature of the crime, cops suspect the attack was personal and fueled by anger specifically toward her.

A law enforcement source said that detectives "don’t think it was a planned murder." The source noted that the suspect "left a blood trail for five blocks from the house,” and it was like a "trail of bread crumbs." The source is sure that with that kind of blood, the "killer’s DNA has gotta be in that blood. It’s not a clean scene.”

Detectives are offering a $3,500 reward in exchange for tips related to the case.

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