The official list of the actors, actresses and films that will be nominated for an Oscar does not come out until Jan. 16. The award’s ceremony will be broadcast live on ABC Sunday March 2 beginning at 7pm ET. It has been a great year for movies as well as the actors, directors, costume designers and all of the countless individuals that work hard to make a movie memorable. There are several front runners at the top of every predictions list like Sandra Bullock and her film “Gravity.”

This was an unusual role for Bullock, she is not the first actress that comes to mind when talking about an epic outer space adventure film. Bullock’s performance alongside George Clooney captivated audiences as she tumbled all alone through space. Up against “Gravity” in the Best Picture Category is “12 Years a Slave” the story of a man born free in New York State who was later kidnapped and sold into slavery in Washington D.C. For 12 years the man worked on a plantation in Louisiana before being released then penning a memoir upon which the film is based.

Starring Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Fassbender, Quvenzhane Wallis and Alfre Woodard as well as several other well know actors and actresses the film is a contender not only for Best Picture but also a slew of other awards. Also a possible Best Picture winner is “American Hustle” starring Jennifer Lawrence, Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams and Robert De Niro. One should also keep an eye on the cast as leading ladies Lawrence and Adams each have a shot in the Best Actress or Best Supporting Actress categories.

Cate Blanchet, Judi Dench and Emma Thompson are each contenders for the Best Actress category. Bale, Cooper, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks and Joaquin Phoenix should be considered in the Best Actor category. Phoenix may have a leg up on the other actors in the category if nominated since he had the difficult task of acting against nothing for his role in “Her.” The film is about the relationship a man develops with the new operating system that he just purchased. The futuristic device is designed to meet the users every need and the character soon develops a deep connection with the device.

One category that may not have gotten a lot of media attention in the past, Best Documentary will undoubtedly be on everyone’s watch list because of the hype surrounding a highly controversial documentary. “Blackfish” explored the elements behind the 2010 death of a SeaWorld trainer. The trainer was killed by a bull orca called Tilikum and the film leads the viewers on an emotional ride that suggests life in captivity may not be the best environment for the ocean’s top predator. Since the film’s release a movement has begun asking marine parks like SeaWorld release their captive animals.

Solid contenders for the Best Original Screenplay category include David O. Russell and Eric Singer for “American Hustle.” Spike Jones is also in the running for a nomination for “Her” as well as Woody Allen for “Blue Jasmine,” and Alfonso and Jonas Cuaron for “Gravity.” “Frozen,” “Monsters University,” “The Wind Rises,” and “Despicable Me 2” all have a chance to grab a nomination for Best Animated Feature. The nominees for Best Costume Design could include Michael Wilkinson for “American Hustle,” Catherine Martin for “The Great Gatsby” and Daniel Orlandi for “Saving Mr. Banks. The Oscars have a total of 24 categories.