Oskar Rodriguez can usually be found busting a move and breaking a sweat as a backup dancer for artists such as Janet Jackson and Jennifer Lopez, but now he'll be centered stage as he stars in the new season of HULU's original series "East Los High." 

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, the 28-year-old actor and dancer now resides in Los Angeles, California, where he's pursuing his fresh acting career that kicked off less than a year ago. 

Rodriguez's first big gig as an actor is in "East Los High" season 3, premiering July 15th. Check out everything he said in our exclusive Q&A!

Latin Times: What can you tell us about season 3 without giving out many spoilers?

Oskar Rodriguez: There's a lot of new characters on the show. There's finally a boy in the bomb squad. There's new blood. A lot of competition. A lot of guest stars that are going to shake the season up. It's packed with great little details that will keep you engaged until season four.

LT: Tell us about your character on the show.

OR: My character's name is Omar, he's a new guy on season 3.  He comes from the streets, but he gets mentored and starts growing into a confident guy.  He goes to the bomb squad auditions, he gets it and feels that he's on top of the world. People are gonna fall in love with this character --- his way of being, he's fun, he's always ready for a competition. 

LT: How old is your character?

OR: He's 15 years old, I'm 28.  15 - years - old ; 28 years old 

LT: Wow! Was it challenging to portray a teenager?

OR: It was definitely challenging, but it was a time travel to my days in Puerto Rico when I was in high school. Omar is like me, I was the class clown and constantly annoying classmates and my teachers. It was great going back to that environment and act like a kid. 

LT: How has your acting career been so far?

OR: I literally started acting less than a year ago, I moved to L.A., where I started taking some acting classes and went to auditions. I started filming a pilot for the CW and a different one for CBS, I am building my network and excited to do something different for my Latino community. I want to push who we are and demonstrate that we're a great culture. 

LT: How has the transition been from dancing to acting?

OR: I come from a very live stage, being a dancer and performing on stage is just a rush like no other.  When you're doing it on TV as an actor, you have to study and know the character. It's the fun of becoming someone else. 

LT: What else are you doing besides "East Los High"?

OR: I am making a YouTube channel, where it'll be anything Oskar Rodriguez. I'll be doing a lot of hosting, producing original content, game shows, guest stars...it's going to be great! Wait for it, we're in the middle of it but it will launch in August.

LT: What would be your ultimate goal as a dancer and as an actor?

OR: As a choreographer, I'd like to do stuff for film and television. I'd love to do Broadway at some point. As an actor, I'd love to have a career like Mark Wahlberg ---that life of comedy and action. Make people laugh, that's my biggest goal.