Osvaldo De León is seen nightly on the Univision telenovela "Lo Imperdonable" as the unscrupulous doctor Daniel. In real life he is facing something that is "unforgivable" to him as a father, not being able to see his son Teo. The 31-year-old Mexican actor has a child with 43-year-old actress Cecilia Suárez and both are entangled in a custody battle that has not permitted De León from seeing Teo in six months. The former "Capadocia" actress is accusing Osvaldo of using drugs and now has sole custody of their son. "In this case the judgement was the loss of custody Mr. Osvaldo Alejandro De León Elizondo has over the minot Teo De León Suárez," Súarez lawyers said. All this is "based on physical and psychological violence he has had with the child like parental negligence and the criminal record with respect to drug trafficking, the consumption of marijuana and cocaine, which happened when Teo was with his father."

Osvaldo has fired back and demands justice. "Let's end injustice and always blaming the fathers! Investigate!" he wrote on Twitter. He also posted a letter asking authorities to audit the judgement process that he deems unfair. In the open letter he says that he has filed a complaint against Suárez with the Human Rights Commission as no proof was provided in the case that took away his custody rights. He also reveals that he is unable to come in close proximity of Suárez's home, Teo's school or anywhere they might be in. Osvaldo also claims that the judge held a bias and did not answer his petition to work with the court in establishing visitation times. De León feels that this is an important phase of his son's life and not being able to establish a relationship with his father can have life consequences.

Several media outlets have reached out to the "La Malquerida" actor to weigh in on the subject. "Maybe she [Suárez] can't live with my happiness," he said in an interview. "She has not been able to have a stable relationship since we split. She can't have a life." On radio show "Todo Para La Mujer," it was revealed that De León has documents where he has proof that Cecilia Suárez suffers from mental instability, which medicine has not been able to control. The saga of this drama continues and it's sad that the one that is going to suffer the most is Teo. Let's hope that both parties reach and understanding having the best interest of their child in mind.