Pablo Lyle new legal problems
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MIAMI - Mexican telenovela star Pablo Lyle is currently serving a prison sentence in a federal facility in Florida for involuntary manslaughter. However, the 37-year-old actor is now facing a fresh wave of legal challenges.

Despite his ongoing incarceration, Lyle's legal woes are far from over, as he now faces a new civil lawsuit from the family of Juan Ricardo Hernández, the man who died following an altercation with him.

And if this wasn't enough, he lost his legal representation.

"Pablo was not present, as it appears that his defense withdrew due to irreconcilable differences," revealed a source on the Televisa morning TV show "Hoy," although it did not detail the differences that led the defense to withdraw their services.

The new lawsuit against Pablo Lyle

Hernández's family has filed a civil lawsuit seeking compensation for funeral expenses, psychological support, and the loss of income for Mercedes Arce, Hernández's partner. This lawsuit adds another layer of complexity to Lyle's legal battles, which have already been extensive and tumultuous.

The case dates back to a traffic incident near Miami International Airport in March 2019. Lyle, involved in a road rage altercation with Hernández, punched the 63-year-old Cuban man, who later died from a brain injury sustained during the encounter. Security cameras captured the incident, which quickly gained widespread attention.

Pablo Lyle
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In October 2022, after a week-long trial, a jury found Lyle guilty of involuntary manslaughter. His defense argued that Lyle acted to protect his family, but the jury was convinced that his actions were not justified under the circumstances.

The sentencing in February 2023 marked nearly four years of legal proceedings and emotional strain for both families. Lyle's tearful statement during the sentencing, where he expressed regret and claimed he acted in defense of his family, did little to sway the court's decision.

In February 2023, Florida Judge Marisa Tinkler Méndez handed down Lyle's sentence during a Miami-Dade County circuit court hearing. Reflecting on the case, Judge Méndez described it as one of the most challenging of her career, emphasizing the profound impact on both the Hernández and Lyle families.


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Pablo Lyle without lawyers

On a scheduled virtual hearing in March 2024, Lyle was notably absent. The hearing, intended to address his ongoing appeal, could not proceed due to the absence of legal representation for the actor.

His lawyers were actively appealing to reduce his five-year prison sentence and eight years of probation.

The judge set a new court date and indicated that if Lyle does not secure legal representation by then, a public defender would be appointed.

The appointment of a new legal team or a public defender will be crucial in determining the course of his appeal and response to the civil lawsuit. The resolution of these legal battles will ultimately shape the final chapter of this tragic story, highlighting the severe consequences of that fateful day in Miami.

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