Following the deadly 7.1 earthquake that stroked Mexico on September 19, 2017, killing more than 350 people, injuring thousands more and destroying buildings and houses, American businesswoman, television personality, singer, and now DJ, Paris Hilton, is giving money for a purpose.

The 36-year-old socialite visited victims of the earthquake, delivered hundreds of blankets, pillows, shoes, clothes, food and toys, and donated money to build seven brand new homes for the affected families she met in San Gregorio, Xochimilco. During her visit, a very much mature and solemn Paris, spoke about her decision to bring aid to Mexicans in need. “I feel that this is my second home, I've been coming to Mexico all my life,” she told to all the media who gathered. “I love the people, I think they are all beautiful, they have great hearts, they are beautiful inside and out, they are very genuine and incredible.”

Completely dressed down, Hilton made sure to be comfortable for the occasion, assembling a neutral colored outfit. With watery eyes, the blonde beauty said she was devastated and the people from Mexico can count with her support. “I'm sorry for what happened on that horrible September 19, day of the earthquake. My heart is with all of you and I want you to know that I think of you, I love you and that is why I came to support you today,” she added. “When I heard what happened with the earthquake my heart broke, I was devastated.”

While in Xochimilco, one of the 16 boroughs within Mexico City, Hilton spent time with kids and their families. She learned a little more of what happened during that traumatic day and, said that she is hoping to raise awareness and more people help to rebuild the communities.

"Yesterday I visited the earthquake victims in Xochimilco, Mexico," wrote in her Instagram account the Hilton Hotels & Resorts heiress. "It broke my heart to see all these children & their families who lost their homes. I'm so grateful to have met with Save The Children to make a donation to build them new homes. It's so important to help make a difference in the lives of those in need."

"There's no better feeling then making someone smile," she wrote in another post, to minutes later, share an image hugging a local girl.

After the National Seismological Service confirmed the earthquake magnitude, the Ministry of the Interior issued an extraordinary emergency state. During weeks searchers looked for faint voices in the rubble, and used trained dogs and their hands to reach any survivors.