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Jean-Luc Melenchon, member of the French far-left Parti de Gauche, speaks to the media as he arrives at the scene after a shooting at the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo January 7, 2015. Gunmen stormed the Paris offices of the weekly satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, renowned for lampooning radical Islam, killing at least 12 people, including two police officers in the worst militant attack on French soil in recent decades. REUTERS/Charles Platiau

At least 12 people died this morning in a shooting inside the satiric newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris. The four cartoonists who were killed aside from Editor in Chief, Charlie Hebdo, were, Stephane "Charb" Charbonnier, Georges Wolinski (who signed his cartoons as Wolinski), Jean Cabut ("Cabu") and Bernard Verlhac ("Tigous"). President Francois Hollande has assured this is no question a terrorist attack, as it is well known the publication was the target of numerous threats from Islamic groups after publishing their Muhammad cartoons. The publication’s last tweet showed a cartoon of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi.

Within the many theories about who is responsible for these heinous acts, most of them circle back to the Muhammad cartoons and involve a terrorist group. The first theory is al-Qaeda was responsible because of the following facts: A witness who worked nearby told BFMT he saw two men dressed in black, descend from their vehicles with Kalashnikov machine guns, and according to Cédric Le Béchec, a 33-year-old estate agent who witnessed the attack, he heard the men shout they were from the terrorist group before entering the building. Le Béchec then told bystanders to alert the media that the attackers belonged to al-Qaeda.

Another theory is these were two fanatic men, working on their own, angered by the mockery the newspaper had been continuously publishing of their leaders and took it upon themselves to bring this to an end and make a statement on behalf of their people. This, however is the loosest of all theories as the two attackers seemed properly trained and armed.

President Hollande, however firmly believes and has even stated that this is no doubt a terrorist attack. He’s implied the possibility that the two gunmen were acting on their own, carrying through what was no doubt a terrorist attack, but who do not necessarily belong to al-Qaeda, but another major terror network. The gunmen nonetheless are still on the loose after having taken a civilian’s Renault Clio to fled the scene, as witnesses indicated.

Charlie Hebdo's last tweet:

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