An Indian woman reportedly died after staff in the maternity ward of a government hospital detonated firecrackers without attending to the victim's condition in Sagar district, Madhya Pradesh, India on Thursday, Nov. 4.

The 26-year-old woman, who was receiving treatment after she delivered a baby at Bundelkhand Medical College and Hospital, allegedly died due to the negligence of the facility's staff on Thursday night, Nov. 4. The hospital staff who were posted inside the maternity ward were allegedly detonating firecrackers in the corridor outside the ward while celebrating Diwali, the festival of lights, without attending to the patient hours before her death, NDTV reported.

A video of the hospital staff celebrating the festival with fireworks inside the facility has gone viral on social media. A media report about the hospital staff's negligence has since been published and also gained widespread attention online.

The hospital's administration has since suspended a nurse, served a show-cause notice to a doctor, and issued warning letters to five interns who were assigned to the labor room at the time of the incident. The interns were reportedly also removed from duty from the labor room and operation theatre of the Gynecology department, according to Vartha Bharati.

Meanwhile, Ravindra Mishra, City Superintendent of Police (CSP), said that the woman's husband has filed a complaint against the hospital alleging that his wife died because she was administered unspecified drugs following her delivery.

In a similar but unrelated incident, a patient reportedly died after doctors conducted an unnecessary surgery on him in Uttar Pradesh, India in October. Following the operation, the patient's condition immediately started deteriorating and he died shortly after.

The deceased, identified as Yusuf, 44, was reportedly suffering from a fever when he was brought to Sudhir Nursing Home in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh for treatment. However, at the hospital, doctors allegedly proceeded to operate on Yusuf’s gall bladder, without the family's consent, leading to his death. Following the incident, Yusuf's family members gathered at the nursing home and began a protest. Meanwhile, the doctor who conducted the surgery fled the scene, News18 reported.

After the horrifying incident, the authorities have registered a case against the owner of the nursing home and have sealed the hospital. Meanwhile, the deceased's relatives have demanded that the victim's autopsy be recorded on video to ensure no foul play in the procedure.

A woman reportedly died after hospital staff in the maternity ward detonated firecrackers without attending to her condition. This is a representational image. Pixabay

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