A little more than a month after the death of Paul Walker, coroners have finally issued an official autopsy report revealing the "Fast and Furious" actor and driver Roger Rodas' cause of death. Before we begin to take account of the details, we warn our sensitive readers that the report may be disturbing to some.

First, according to People , the Porsche Carrera GT driven by Roger Rodas was traveling at speeds over 100 mph.

"For unknown reasons, the driver lost control of his vehicle, and the vehicle partially spun around," stated the report. The report also revealed the Porsche Carrera GT had struck a tree, hit a light post, then spun 180 degrees before it hit another tree and burst into flames. 

According to the autopsy, Paul Walker's body was found with his hands raised in a "pugilistic stance," or like a boxer with his gloves up, as if bracing for the impact. Walker had suffered a broken pelvis, ribs, left arm, collar bone, and jaw. Unfortunately, coroners also discovered traces of soot in his trachea, indicating that he had taken breaths when the Porsche Carrera GT had ignited in flames.

Ultimately, Paul Walker's body was severely charred beyond recognition. Doctor's recognized that none of his organs were suitable for donation.

As for friend and driver Roger Rodas, coroners identified massive head trama as the cause of death. Both gentlemen lost their lives almost immediately. Finally, there were no traces of alcohol or drugs in the system of either men.