Paulina Rubio is primarily known for her back-to-back music hits, but throughout her trajectory of over 30 years, she's also ventured into film, television and most recently, as a judge on "The X Factor." New on her busy plate is her telenovela comeback, because if don't recall, she did star in a couple of novelas back in the late '80s and early '90s.

According to TVyNovelas, La Chica Dorada will return to the small screen in the new remake of "Simplemente Maria" based on the 1989 original starring Victoria Ruffo and Manuel Saval. It's believed, however, that Rubio will not have a leading role in the soap opera, but will take the reigns of the opening credits theme song. Another word on the street is that she will also make a special acting appearance in the novela. Both chismes have yet to be confirmed by the songstress. However, we like the sound of it already! 

From 1988 to 1995, Rubio had three co-lead roles in novelas "Pasión y poder," "Baila conmigo" and Pobre niña rica."