Thousands of fans line up to pay tribute to late Brazilian football legend Pele at his wake
Brazilian Soccer Icon Pelé Dies At 82 Photo. by: AFP/Carl De Souza

Details regarding the funeral arrangements of the recently-deceased Brazilian soccer legend Pelé emerged on Monday, with his burial place being revealed to be on the ninth floor of the Memorial Necropole Ecumenical overlooking the local Santos Stadium.

Pelé, whose real name was Edson Arantes do Nascimento, died recently after years of battling colon cancer and a recent bout of respiratory-related illnesses. Many people across the world had come to Brazil after the announcement of his death to pay tribute to the Brazilian football legend, according to JOE UK.

Although much of the details regarding his burial have been kept from the public, it has been reported that he will be buried on the ninth floor of the Memorial Necropole Ecumenical as a tribute to his late father, fellow soccer player Dondinho. The ninth-floor choice was reportedly done to pay tribute to his father, who had worn a Number 9 shirt as a soccer player, Mirror reported.

The area from which the soccer legend will be laid to rest reportedly overlooks the Vila Belmiro stadium, which is the football club that he played for, Santos FC, is based. Many believe that the choice of where he is to be buried was done in order to always overlook the stadium of the club that he played for.

Some people have visited the family crypt on the ninth floor of the vertical cemetery in order to pay tribute to the legend’s death, with many standing in silence out of respect while others took selfies with their children for the occasion. Some expressed their sadness at the death of Pelé and their need to pay tribute to the man.

“We wanted to come today because this will all be sealed off by the police tomorrow,” a man who visited the crypt said. “We came to pay our respects and show the children Pele’s final resting place and what the city of Santos meant to him.”

After a public viewing of his casket on Monday, a funeral procession reportedly passed through the entire city, including the home of Pelé’s hundred-year-old mother, before a private ceremony with his family will happen when his body is laid to rest. Among those who will visit to pay their respects is FIFA President Gianni Infantino.

“Pelé did not die, Pelé is eternal and he will live in our hearts forever,” Santos FC President Andres Rueda said.

Brazilian football legend Pele, shown here with the World Cup trophy in 2014, is being visited by family in hospital for Christmas Eve. Photo by: AFP/Franck Fife

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