Peso Pluma SXSW and Coachella
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MIAMI - Latin music superstar Peso Pluma sent shockwaves through his fanbase after posting two photos from a hospital bed, hinting at a serious accident. The Mexican singer had just delivered a high-energy performance at the Governors Ball Festival in New York City.

In the first image, the música mexicana singer-songwriter was smiling, but in pain. The reason became obvious when in his second photo he wrote: "Confirmed, it is a fracture!" It didn't take long for internet detectives to determine what had happened. There are many videos of his show, and all of them captured the moment when Peso Pluma hurt his ankle and, at times limping, kept singing and dancing.

What happened to Peso Pluma?

"New York, I just sprained my f*ing ankle really badly, I sprained it but we're going to keep going as far as we can," he said to the crowd after the freak accident. He kept going, but had to leave the stage after a while, only to reappear barefoot and with a wrap around his ankle.

After the show, La Doble P was rushed to the hospital. The diagnosis was a foot fracture which, no doubt, was worsened by all the weight he put on it until the show ended. However, he did get plenty of praise from fans and colleagues, who described him as "brave" and "professional."

Peso Pluma, Rauw Alejandro, Farruko, and Stephen Sanchez were the only Latin music artists at the 2024 GovBall. Rauw and Peso were headliners, the Puerto Rican star with Post Malone, and the corridos tumbados super star with Sza.

Will Peso Pluma cancel his tour?

The accident has made his fans wonder if Peso Pluma will be able to fulfill his commitments with his Éxodo Tour, as he has a little more than a month to recover. His fans are hoping, and even praying that there will be enough time for his ankle to heal.

The severity and location of the injury will determine his rest time as well as his needs for therapy to make a full recovery.

The tour starts on July 19th in Texas. However, La Doble P had two shows previously scheduled on June 23 in Miami and June 29th in New Orleans, which have been cancelled. The Latin Times reached out to his team to determine if this was due to the fracture, or if it was decided before, but we are waiting for an answer.

This freak accident adds to the bittersweet 2024 Peso Pluma has been experiencing, which started with his breakup from Nicki Nicole, and followed with rumors of his hospitalization in a rehab facility in Mexico. At the same time, he has been breaking all kinds of records and opening new frontiers for Latino artists.

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