Children have spread photos of a deceased teenager in his coffin on Snapchat and other social media platforms.

Loui Phillips, 15, was stabbed to death while riding his bike in Monk Bretton, South Yorks, in August 2021 by a 17-year-old.

According to Yorkshire Live, the teenage Barnsley fan was attacked with power that the knife's handle destroyed, leaving the blade trapped in his chest.

He was taken to the hospital right away, but he died four days later.

Officials sentenced Kyle Pickles, Loui's killer, to life in prison in Dec. 2021.

Local teenagers are believed to have an image of sad Loui in his coffin that they are distributing via Snapchat and WhatsApp, causing further pain for the bereaved family.

Yorkshire Live said a Facebook post that has been shared over 300 times said: "What is wrong with folk? It's disgusting."

Another posted: "Who would take a photo like that let alone share it with others?"

One netizen remarked: "Evil people, sending hugs to you xx."

The latest development is said to have been communicated to South Yorkshire Police.

Pickles, from Barnsley, pled not guilty to murder at first, but afterward changed his mind.

According to the court, he approached Loui, whom he had never seen before. The court added that he stabbed the victim for a "perceived relationship."

BBC News said Loui gave a detailed account of the incident while driving to the hospital and inquired about his mother's whereabouts. After two rounds of emergency surgery, he died four days later.

Detective Chief Inspector Mark Oughton, who handled the investigation, said at the time (per reports): "This is an incredibly tragic case where an innocent young boy was stabbed to death, simply because his attacker was jealous of a perceived relationship."

"Pickles located Loui and his friend... and purposely set out armed with a kitchen knife to go and stab him," he said.

Loui's heartbroken mother, Louise Hartley, said her son is constantly on her mind.

According to Louise, she misses little things like him coming into the room to sit with me or calling to say he'll be home shortly while he's out with friends.

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