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The world remains confined to online means, a reason why classes are held via Zoom or some video conference software. Teachers and students need to adjust to the setup but some forget that using web cameras needs careful attention.

Such is the case of this physics teacher in Colombia who forgot to hold or turn off his camera during a certain moment. While it cannot be avoided that couples would have their moments, Ruben Dario Parras is now apologizing for a scene that was viewed by his students while holding class.

In the video that has now gone viral, Parras was seen lifting his wife’s blouse and appeared to kiss the breast of his wife with a bunch of 16 to 17-year-old students watching. Parras is a teacher at the Educación Educativa San Vicente de Paul Catholic school, in Palmira, Colombia.

“Of course it was a mistake of mine, as I didn't realise the camera was still switched on at the end of class,” Parras stated. “At no moment did I do this deliberately. It was accidental.”

Parras had only realized that his camera was on while he was doing the private moment with his wife. He apologized for the incident. He forgot to turn off his camera at the end of the class and explained that he had not purposely done this in front of his teenage students.

Despite his apology, the matter raised concerns, especially when the video went viral. Parras and his wife drew bashing from those who were able to watch the whole thing, some making jokes out of the video, especially the breast-sucking part.

“It looks like his wife isn't enjoying the breast sucking very much. Poor bloke, now all the world knows his wife is barely interested,” one viewer quipped.

The headteacher of the school, Patricia Duran Cespedes, did not take too kindly to the incident and said that they are launching an investigation into the matter.

“This was a serious matter in which the teacher in charge of the class performed an inappropriate act which was recorded by some students,” she said.

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