The trailer is out but the movie is not due out until May 2017: "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales" is definitely happening and judging by the trailer, it's going to be amazing, or at least we hope so!

It has proven that as popular as Johnny Depp has been as Captain Jack Sparrow, he needs an antagonist, a threat, a rival. You only have to look at the U.K title of this film, "Salazar's Revenge" to know who will be that heel.

Enter Javier Bardem, from"Skyfall," as a very pissed off Captain Salazar, who just escaped the Devil's Triangle, which is almost as impressive as Jack getting out of Davey Jone's Locker. Salazar is on a mission to kill any pirate still alive and Sparrow is on top of his list. We learn that he was a former associate who, this may sound familiar, has a ghost crew.

But where Depp had to carry the whole show in the fourth installment, this one brings us Paul McCartney as the latest rock geezer to grace the franchise who will help out ole Jack in this battle.

Kaya Scodelario who plays astronomer Carina Smyth, Geoffrey Rush who reprises his role of Barbossa, and the return of Orlando Bloom as Will Turner, are some of the familiar faces returning to this mega production.

Although there's a lot of hype and excitement over this installment, Forbes predicts that the heights that the Disney's first "Pirate" film reached in garnering $654 million dollars back in 2003 is not likely here. Yet the dark aspect shown in the trailer is quite a contrast to the happy-go-lucky feel of the previous films.

If Bardem's character's line to Henry to pass on to Sparrow, "death will come straight for him" is any indication,  we may have a return to the formula that made "Pirates of the Caribbean " a blockbuster.