Pitbull aka "Mr.305" is known for his catchy music and representing the state of Florida every chance he gets. Think about it, the first entertainer you think of when you hear of Florida is Mr.305 himself. The rapper is now capitalizing on his brand as the official spokesperson for the state of Florida but he may be undergoing a legal battle.

According to TMZ, Pitbull's company is threatening to sue the state of Florida if the details of his contract with the state of being their official spokesperson leaks to the media. While the rapper is thinking that talks of the lawsuit will make state representatives fall in line, State Representative Richard Corcoran is firing back.

The site reports that Corcoran suing Mr. Worldwide's company over his contract to be a celebrity tourism ambassador for the Sunshine State. Corcoran says Pitbull got "significant compensation" from FL when he signed the 2015 deal, but the amount was kept under wraps.

To add more flame to the fire, Corcoran shares that Florida's Congress was completely left in the dark until the company turned over the contract with one condition, "if its "confidential trade secrets" were leaked, Pitbull could sue.

While the whole argument within itself is comical, since no other state has an official spokesperson but both parties are taking the matter very seriously.

Court documents obtained by the site say that Corcoran wants the clause of privacy lifted so legislators can work on the state's budget. State officials want the freedom to work on such issues like "tourism expenditures" without the fear of being sued.

Corcoran is seeking for the judge to declare Florida's Congress immune from potential litigation and to rule that there is no such thing as trade secrets in the contract.

Pitbull's team has yet to respond to Corcoran's lawsuit but we can imagine the rapper counterfiling as soon as possible.