It's going to be a family affair tomorrow since Disney is releasing their newest movie "Planes" in 3D and with a wide range of characters included to appeal to different audiences, especially Latinos.

"Planes" promises to be very funny as they tell the story of Dusty, a crop-duster, who dreams of competing in races, but is afraid of heights. Dusty's journey takes him around the world as he meets planes from different cultures, including a buttoned-up Brit and an alluring Indian plane.

However, the character that's causing quite some stir is "El Chupacabra," who takes the name from the legendary mythical creature that once generated fear in many Latino countries for its habit of attacking and drinking the blood of goats.

Nevertheless, Disney's Chupacabra is nothing to be feared. Actor Carlos Alazraqui, American born of Argentinean descent, gives life to this character, Dusty's ally in the film, and explains that he is nothing like people would expect him to be.

 Michael Buckner/Getty Images)
"El Chupacabra is a macho, passionate, over-the-top telenovela actor and recording artist from Mexico," said Alazraqui to the Sun Sentinel. "He becomes Dusty's best friend and co-pilot when Dusty gets up in the sky and needs a confidante. Deep down, I have a very soft heart for Dusty, and for the woman I love, Rochelle."

He also explained why his character has such a terrifying name. "El Chupacabra is nothing more than a stage name that El Chu uses to scare off his opponents. When you are around me and you know me, you call me El Chu. I'm not a bad guy in the movie; I'm one of the best good guys."

El Chu is intensely charming, a true Casanova and has a big presence that goes along with his oversized engine. His cohorts aren't really sure what is truth and what is delusion when it comes to El Chu, but one thing is beyond doubt: he races with a whole lot of heart and more dramatic flair than is recommended at high altitudes.

His voice will also captivate the audiences, and Carlos Alazraqui is known for doing that with whatever role he takes. The actor is known for giving a voice to both Felipe and Abuelo on "Handy Manny," Rocko on "Rocko's Modern Life," King Magnus on "Sofia the First," Nestor in "Happy Feet," Lazlo in "Camp Lazlo," and a little throwback for the 90's children, the Chihuahua in the Taco Bell commercials.

Disney has lately been trying to appeal to the Latinos, since it's a growing community in the United States and represent great business for the brand. Although they haven't had a solid start, since princess Sofia went straight to the small screen without a film debut and their failed attempt to trademark "Día de los Muertos," this new movie promises to mend the past mistakes and show the Latino community they're appreciated by Disney.


With El Chu's bilingual Twitter account that features from pick-up lines to inspirational quotes both in English and Spanish, and the use of the latter in the general market advertising, Disney is sure winning points and reestablishing their likability among Hispanics.

Also, be sure to check the Twitter hashtag #ArribaPlanes for more hilarious content and a preview of the sparkly personality of El Chupacabra.

Don't miss "Planes" on August 9, and check out below a little snippet of Dusty and El Chu's first encounter.