Neighbor squabble is normal and these can sometimes stem from the pettiest of issues. In the case of a 62-year-old man and a 57-year-old woman, the whole mess started from large plant pots that were allegedly improperly placed on the former’s property.

Peter Adams and the victim of an assault identified as Jasmina Vidovic got embroiled in a shocking incident that saw the latter get reportedly punched at least four times. And the reason for the attack is alleged because Vidovic made insulting remarks on the large plant pots of the accused identified as Angela Williams.

Williams went off when she reportedly overheard Vidovic making remarks about the pots. The 57-year-old called Vidovic a fat cow before punching her multiple times in the face, The Mirror reported.

The incident forced Adams to sell his home and split with Vidovic. However, that did not get Williams off the hook.

The 57-year-old was eventually arrested and fined £180 and told to pay £100 costs and a £34 victim surcharge. The only problem is that Williams said she had no intention of paying the fees, something that could lead to jail time.

The issue has gone back and forth with Williams giving a different side of the story versus that of Adams and Vidovic.

Williams alleged that she would have moved the plants if she was asked politely by Adams. The only problem is that the 62-year-old did that and even showed evidence of doing so.

Adams had already complained about the plants and even left a note at Williams’ home, asking her to move the plants. Instead, the woman sent the note back and shoved it at the man’s mailbox.

The Poole Magistrates’ Court rebuffed the claims of Williams, rejected her version and found her guilty.

It is hardly a surprising case that most neighbors find themselves in. But in the case of Williams, it appears this is an issue she cannot escape and must settle fines to avoid jail time.

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