Pokemon Go
"Pokémon Go" for Android and iOS. Official Pokemon Channel/YouTube/Screenshot

Niantic has yet to reveal when its mobile title, "Pokémon Go," will arrive for the general public, but we know a few countries have gotten their hands on the field testing version of the game.

According to Tech Times, Australia and New Zealand have been chosen as the next countries to try out the beta for "Pokémon Go."

Looks as though the games development is moving fairly quickly as the company revealed in March that a Japan-exclusive beta test would begin and then this month the field testing expanded to two more countries.

Meanwhile, new information regarding gameplay and much more has been revealed from the field testing. Although The Pokémon Company and Niantic want field tester to remain silent about the game, one beta user has taken to Reddit to answer some frequently asked questions about "Pokémon Go."

The tester confirmed that the current build of the game would only have the original 150 Pokémon. While not the 700 some fans were hoping for, the tester reveals that it is not very easy to find or even catch some of these 'mon such as Eevee, Pikachu and Bulbasaur.

As far as terrain restrictions are concerned the user reveals that it will play a big part in the mobile game. The Reddit user wrote:

"I live very close to the ocean and the overwhelming majority of the pokemon I see are water based. Shellder, Goldeen, Krabby and Staryu. A few others are very common like pidgey, rattata and caterpie."

The user also revealed that character customization stops after you initially create your avatar. The user wrote:

"At this time, you're stuck with the avatar you design at the beginning." In another question asking about character customization the user wrote, "I've hit level 7 (which was quite a bit of work) and neither through leveling or Pokestops have I found any character customization items."

"Pokémon Go" currently has no release date, but will be coming for iOS and Android devices. Check out some of the gameplay and the official trailer below:

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