'Pokemon Omega Ruby" & "Pokemon Alpha Sapphire"
"Pokemon Omega Ruby" and "Pokemon Alpha Sapphire" for the Nintendo 3DS. The Pokemon Company

While players were able to get a bike so early in "Pokémon X and Y" it doesn't appear to be as simple in 'Omega Ruby' and 'Alpha Sapphire.' It's slightly confusing as you see residents in Slateport City discussing bikes and there are cycling roads but yet you don't have a bicycle. However, don't worry as your bike is right around the corner and you have options this time around.

When entering Mauville City you will see tons of bikes in the area. This is a good sign and means you are definitely on the right track. Head to the right middle side in the city and there you'll see a shop with bikes in the window. Go in and speak with Rydel and get your bike!

Gamers will have access to two different bicycles, the Mach bike and the Acro bike. Check out the differences between the two below:

Mach Bike: Easily the fastest bike in the series at double the speed, the player can get from place to place insanely fast while also being able to go up the slopes founds throughout areas of the map.

Acro Bike: Definitely different from the Mach Bike, the speed is much less, but has its uses. This includes getting past certain obstacles by doing tricks, such as wheelies.

The beauty of this game is that you aren't stuck with your transportation. If you don't like the bike you have and want to try the other option you can return to Rydel and switch but even more you can own both bicycles. However, there is a trick to doing this.

First you must show the bike to three specific trainers in Hoenn. The first trainer will be the bird keeper on route 19, which is only accessible with the Acro bike. The next is the Hex Maniac on route 11. Finally head to the battle resort and find the Triathlete and show off your Acro bike. After completing these task head back to Rydel's shop where you will now have access to both the Mach and Acro bikes.

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