Nintendo is making a ton of buzz with their upcoming Pokemon game for the Nintendo 3DS, "Pokemon X and Y." In the new "Pokemon X & Y," there's a new Mega Evolution features that allows older Pokemon from the past to have a new powerful evolution form. The Pokemon that was revealed to have mega evolution are Mewtwo, Lucario, Absol, Ampharos, Mawile and Blaziken.

With all the news about mega evolutions, people have been wondering and asking 'What if my favorite character could mega evolve?' And it got us thinking who would we want to see have a mega evolution. We here at Latin Times have composed a little list of Pokemon that we would like to see get a mega evolution, so with that being said, here is the list "Pokemon X & Y Mega Evolution wishlist."

Why wouldn't you want Gyarados to mega evolve? Its fangs can crush stones and its scales are harder than steel. Gyarados is infamously known for its fierce temper and wanton destructive tendencies, and is attracted to violence. In addition, Gyarados is also notoriously difficult to tame even after it is captured by the Trainer. Gyarados on overdrive in a Mega Evolved state will be an unstoppable force. Plus there is no water type that can Mega Evolve and that would be cool to see. 

Size does not matter, although Raichu is smaller than a lot of other evolved Pokemon he is able to store over 100,000 volts of electricity in its body. Just imagine how much more powerful a Raichu can be if it Mega Evolved. Also you have to take into account that yes Pikachu is cute but Raichu is cute and a bit more bad ass so you can only imagine what a Mega Evolved Raichu would look like.

It should be obvious why Blastoise made the list. This is one of the only Pokemon to use a weapon and not just any weapon, blast cannons attached to its tortoise shell. If Blastoise mega evolved just how much bigger can those cannons get and how much more powerful? And again there are no water types on the list of Mega Evolved Pokemon.

Togekiss was chosen because it is the only Pokemon who can wield Aura Sphere, along with Lucario, Mienfoo and its family, the only non-legendary Pokémon that are able to learn it. That by itself is enough to make the list. 

A ghost Pokemon would be something to see in Mega Evolution form and Gengar has some interesting abilities we'd like to see amplified. Gengar drains the life force from its victims. It may also eat its victim's dreams. Like its pre-evolution, Haunter, it may lick its prey to drain the life force. 


Credit: Bulbapedia/Gyrandos



Credit: Bulbapedia/Raichu



Credit: Bulbapedia/Blastoise



Credit: Bulbapedia/Togakiss



Credit: Bulbapedia/Gengar


There you have it! Our top five list for Pokemon we would want to see in Mega Evolution form. Which Pokemon would you want to see Mega Evolve?

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