A police constable in South Africa shot her 33-year-old partner and their five-month-old baby before turning her service pistol on herself in a horrific murder-suicide case. The incident happened on Feb. 13 at Embalenhle near Secunda in Mpumalanga province.

In an interview with Mpumalanga Police Commissioner Lt-Gen Mondli Zuma, the constable was declared dead on the scene. Her boyfriend and child were brought to the hospital but later on passed.

“Upon arrival, the woman was certified dead at the scene meanwhile her daughter as well as the father of her child were taken to a nearby clinic where the man unfortunately passed away on upon arrival,” Brigadier Leonard Hlathi of the Mpumalanga Police said.

“The little girl though, was transferred to hospital after being stabilized but later died. Police have since registered a case with two counts of murder and an inquest,” he added.

Per investigations, the female officer was off duty when the incident happened. Based on initial probes, it appears the whole incident may have stemmed from acts of domestic violence. The couple has been going through rough times with the police constable allegedly moving out of the man’s house.

On the day of the shooting, the man allegedly had a female visitor at his house. Both stepped out for a while to get some items, not knowing that the female officer was at the man’s place at that time.

The man was still in the car when the female visitor headed into the house. It was here where she found the officer. The visitor was then held at gunpoint and ordered to sit down.

Unaware of what was going on, the man went inside to check. It was here where he saw his former armed with a handgun and holding the visitor at gunpoint.

From there, a scuffle ensued resulting in the fatal shooting. The female visitor was able to flee unharmed and immediately reported the incident to authorities.

Gun Crime Photo illustration of a crime. Alexas Fotos/ Pixabay