William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez before their breakup
Courtesy Elizabeth Gutiérrez/Instagram Stories

MIAMI - The unraveling of William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez's separation was thrust into the spotlight with the recent leak of a police video, detailing the ugly conflict between the two Latino actors and creating a mix of disbelief and condemnation among the fans.

The video was obtained by TelevisaUnivision using Florida's Public Records Law and Freedom of Information Act, which establish that all police records are public records, and must be made available to anybody requesting them.

The existence of the video was revealed last week by People En Español, which reported that the police had been called to the Levy home twice in the last few weeks.

Worrisome details

According to Gutiérrez herself, she moved out of the home she shared with the Cuban actor and their two children, Christopher (18) and Kailey (14). The boy stayed at the house, but the girl is living with her in a nearby rental apartment.

According to the images that surfaced on the TV show "El Gordo y la Flaca," there was a tense scene at William Levy's residence in South Miami at the beginning of March, initiated by a call to the police by their daughter. She reported finding her father in the company of another woman, which Elizabeth vehemently supported, demanding to enter the house to identify the woman herself.

In the meantime, Levy allowed the police into his home. The investigation concluded with the revelation that no one except a housekeeper was present, which only added layers of confusion and public speculation to the incident. During the incident, Gutiérrez admitted to blocking his ex on her phone, explaining her decision as a necessary measure against his allegedly insulting calls. She stated, "Every time he calls me, it's to insult me."

Gutiérrez also says that William Levy "is on something," and implies that he has gotten physical with her. "He touches me," she added. "My daughter has seen it."

Clashing fans

The public's reaction has been as virulent as the actual state of the relationship between these famous exes. Her fans have condemned Levy for not leaving the family home for Elizabeth Gutiérrez and the children. They also accused him of disrespecting the family for "bringing a woman to the marital bed," and mentioned his multiple alleged affairs during his 20 year relationship with the Mexican American actress.

In contrast, his fans accused her of trying to control him through their daughter, and urged him to sue her for defamation. The support for Levy has been massive, to the point that the actor posted a thank you message on his social media.

According to Gutiérrez, the family is only finding common ground on the bleachers of the baseball field, where Christopher Levy plays several times a week. Last night, they were all there. Hopefully in much calmer moods.

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