A short documentary from Uganda released on YouTube shows how a traditional healer has taken seven husbands. In the documentary, the woman shared details of her married life as well as her occupation as a healer. She speaks about how all the men are in a happy marriage. Managing her career as a healer, the polyamorous woman says she may take on more husbands.

In the documentary, the woman, identified as Allman by Zambian Observer, is seen being carried around on an open palanquin by her husband. Seated between the seven men, the healer spoke to reveal how she has spiritual powers that she uses to heal people. The traditional doctor is well known for her healing as well as for her marriage arrangement.

The woman known as a Female Samson by locals has never cut her hair believing that her hair is the source of her spiritual powers. In the video, Allman can be seen communicating with the spirits of elders to help a couple who came to her for help.

The spirits of elders play a great role in Allman’s life. Not only do they provide her with remedies for her clients, but they also help her in her personal life as well. She claims that her decision to marry seven men was not her idea. The spirits instructed her to have as many children as possible. They made the task difficult by instructing her that she could not have more than one child from one man. This meant that she had to marry multiple men to father more and more children.

Allman claims that she first refused to listen to the spirits and was punished by them for it. When she agreed to the terms, she was shown visions of the men she was meant to marry. The men all were locals, who she proposed to. The healer claims that none of the men refused to marry her. The seventh husband who is married for the shortest time to Allman said that all the men are happy. He said that their wife is generous and treated them well.

Allman can be seen feeding all the men from the same plate in the documentary. My Joy Online reported that the well-known spiritualist adopted different ways of keeping her husbands happy. She built each of them their own home. Since she had seven husbands, she has a schedule that allows her to visit each home each day of the week. Allman claims that she chooses who she wants to have sexual intercourse with. She has had six children with six men already. If the spirits instruct her then she may marry more men.

A groom and six guests of his wedding guests reportedly fell ill and died just hours after a marriage ceremony in the rural community of Eka Utara in Enugu State, Nigeria, on Saturday, Aug. 27. This is a representational image. pixabay

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