'Power' Season 3 Finale Recap: Angela Turns On Ghost After Unexpected Death [SPOILERS]

The season finale of "Power" showed us all that one way or another karma never misses anyone. Tensions are high as Ghost, Tasha, Angela, and Greg scramble to find answers and get themselves out of the mess they’ve made. Things take a turn as Greg discovers that Ruiz, his only leak for taking down Ghost is found murdered in an abandoned car. Luckily for Greg, he rushes to the crime scene to retrieve the wiretap he had given Ruiz to wear the night before to his meeting with Milan. Greg, of course being 5 steps behind doesn’t realize that Ghost is parked across the street. Ghost calls Angela with his suspicions of her involvement in Ruiz’s murder but much to his surprise she reminds him that protecting him is in her best interest.

Ghost meets with Joe Proctor to see where his and Tommy’s freedom stands now that Ruiz is gone. Proctor warns him that if in fact the wiretap is played in court and Ghost is tied to Lobos’ murder, game over. Proctor reassures Ghost that he will take care of the wiretap issue to make it inadmissible in court if they go to trial, but Ghost isn’t buying it.

Milan announces to Tommy that he is holding off on killing Ghost until he signs his agreement with Karen Bassett to expand Truth globally.  With Milan’s plans of remaining the top drug cartel, Ghost is worth more to him alive than dead at this moment.  Unbeknowst to Milan, Tommy is playing him and reports back to Ghost that they need to get rid of Milan on the night of the party. While Ghost seems hesitant because of his wealthy guests of honor for the evening, Tommy convinces him that this may be their only chance to get rid of Milan.

Kanan is still out for blood against Ghost and decides to further corrupt Tariq. He gives Tariq the task of doing a drug drop for him but of course he hesitates. After emasculating him a bit Tariq takes the bait and decides to meet with the client.  Much to Tariq’s surprise, the client turns out tobe an undercover cop who places him under arrest. After being placed in the squad car to scare him into giving up his connect, Tariq remains silent and quickly realizes that he was being tested by Kanan once he opens the door.

Tariq being so naïve doesn’t realize what he has gotten himself into. The “cops” are actually Jukebox and one of her employees. While Tariq is busy celebrating by playing video games in Kanan’s apartment, Jukebox comes up with a plan to hold Tariq hostage and get a ransom to worsen the blow on Ghost.

Ghost decides to take matters  into his own hands yet again, and breaks into Greg’s apartment to find the wiretap recording. Too bad for him, Greg is already listening to it with his mentor, Bailey Markham. Listening to the recording, the cat is out of the bag. Tommy is heard admitting to killing Lobos as well as his last words to Ruiz before he stabbed him to death. While Greg feels that he hit the jackpot, Markham reminds him that none of this will be admissible in court. Excited to share his update, Greg breaks the news to Sandoval. The Mexican authorities give Greg a call, at which he realizes Sandoval has been lying this whole time about Lobos and the Federales. But of course its too late, Sandoval murders Greg before he can even expose him.

The internal investigation is officially closed, thanks to Sandoval framing Greg by planting evidence in his apartment to make him look like the leak working with Lobos. Angela is devastated; but once she meets with Ghost later that morning, she starts to believe that he may have killed her ex.  She heads over to Greg’s apartment and realizes that the lock on the kitchen window has been tampered with. She retrieves the prints off the glass and runs them through the NYPD database.

Ghost and Tommy execute the plan of taking Milan down. ‘Dre and his crew surround Milan’s bodyguards in the club, while Tommy and Ghost take Milan to the shipping dock. In an effort to save face, Milan laughs at their actions but learns that the end is here. Tommy and Ghost shoot him pint blank in the head.

Tasha comes home from the party and asks her daughter about Tariq.  Much to her surprise, she receives a text- a picture of Tariq and Kanan together with the message “If you want him back, you’re gonna have to pay.”  To make matters worse Angela shows up to Truth and Ghost believes that she has finally come back to him. The only problem is that she places him under arrest for Greg's murder in front of his business associates.

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