'Precios OK' App Turns Argentines Into Citizen-Cops; Downloads Surpass 'Candy Crush' And Instagram

Precios OK app
New app in Argentina turns residents into citizen-cops. Google Play Store/Precios App

A new free smartphone app in Argentina is turning its residents into citizen-cops while they shop. The Precios OK app has already inspired more than 70,000 people and has seen wide success surpassing the popular puzzle game “Candy Crush Saga” as well as Instagram. The Argentinian government blames escalating inflation on greedy businesses and has decided to pressure leading supermarket chains in the company to sell more than 80 key products at fixed prices.

To keep the stores in check President Cristina Fernandez wants citizens to report any overpriced items to the consumer protection agency says Huffington Post Latino. And now a new app created by two college students helps the citizens do just that. With the Precios OK app shoppers are able to scan bar codes to find evidence of overpricing.

The app is already a huge success seeing more downloads than Candy Crush and Instagram. Analia Becherini praised the app after learning about it from Twitter saying, "You can go checking the prices. You don't even have to make any phone calls. If you want to file a complaint, you can do it online, in real time.”

President Fernandez also praised the application tool earlier this week during a national address. She said the app was easy to use and only took five minutes to download. "It's time for everyone to feel empowered when they shop in their neighborhood," Fernandez said.

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