The circus may be fun to go to but not if one sees a human getting attacked by a wild animal such as a bear. This was the case for a woman over in Russia who was attacked by a brown bear during a show.

Worse, there were children present during the incident. Most were left horrified at the scene which needed the aid of two men to put a stop to the madness.

The act reportedly started during an act in the ring involving two bears and two trainers at a crowded circus. When things got out of hand, some recall seeing the bear not backing off despite being receiving multiple blows with a whip.

When the ruckus was over, the trainer suffered bruises and cuts as a result of the bear attack. Her unborn child was thankfully not harmed in the incident. She was rushed to a hospital in the city of Oryol, in western Russia.

The woman, whose identity was not revealed, alleges that the attack may have stemmed out of jealousy because of her pregnancy.

“Perhaps it was jealousy to some extent, since I am pregnant. There can be many nuances,” the victim reasoned.

The woman bats that the bear behaves normally when with her. After the incident, the bear alleged responds to her affectionately and as if nothing happened. Some trainers claim that the woman and the bear hugged and made up after the incident.

Unfortunately, witnesses claim otherwise and say they saw the bear agitated.

Whatever claims were made is immaterial with the bear now barred from performances. There was no mention if he would return at some point.

The incident also raised concerns on have live animals during performances. The said incident is not the first one and now Irina Novozhilova of animal rights group VITA has called for the ban of all circuses with live animals.

“Training goes hand in hand with cruelty. Circuses are always cruel beyond limits,” she said. “And circuses with animals should be banned.”

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