The Tacoma Police Department reported the death of a 27-year-old pregnant woman Stephanie Chaipis, who died after succumbing to brutal injuries that were inflicted upon her by her abusive husband, Ian Sweeney, 31.

Chaipis, a habitual victim of domestic violence, was found in an unresponsive state by officers after Sweeney repeatedly struck her and shoved her against a wall of the 5600 block of South Part Avenue address. It has been alleged that one of their four kids witnessed the attack, while the others were at home during the incident.

While Chaipis was immediately rushed to a hospital nearby, she was pronounced dead on the fifth day of her hospitalization, having succumbed to life-threatening injuries. Prosecutors revealed that Chaipis’ death was a result of severe head trauma, a possible skull fracture, and was declared brain dead at the hospital.

Sweeney was arrested on the scene and faces multiple charges in the first degree and attempted murder in the second degree with a domestic violence enhancement. Sweeney abused his wife of 10 years and committed the grisly abuse after he allegedly took methamphetamine that day.

After striking her multiple times, Sweeney noticed that his wife looked unwell and googled up about the side-effects of head trauma. Prosecutors claim that Sweeney was nonchalant despite spotting danger signs and failed to render medical aid to Chaipis, even after observing that she had stopped breathing.

Online records indicate that Sweeney is currently being held on a $1 million bond at Pierce County Jail. A hearing is slated for Feb. 11. The Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney's Office told PEOPLE on Wednesday that they were in talks for a potential upgrade of Sweeney's charges pertaining to Chaipis' death. Sweeney, as per The News Tribute, pleaded not guilty to his charges during an arraignment on Jan. 13, while his attorney did not respond to requests for comment.

The Tacoma Police Department found Chaipis in an unresponsive state after the brutal attack The Tacoma Police Department found Chaipis in an unresponsive state after the brutal attack TACOMA POLICE DEPARTMENT