In a rather gnawing incident of sorts, a Californian expectant woman was killed on Tuesday after she found herself amid a violent gunfight in Hemet, California. Tameka Haynes, 27, met with an untimely death after she was airlifted to a trauma centre but succumbed to the gunshot wounds, and died at the healthcare facility.

As per reports by the Hemet Police Department, the devastated Haynes' family believes the young woman was three months pregnant with her second child at the time of her death. She is survived by an 8-year-old older son.

“She was vibrant, had no judgement and took everyone in as family,” loved ones wrote in a GoFundMe campaign set up to fund her funeral expenses. The description further added, “She lifted everyone around her with generosity and a pure heart.”

One relative, Stevlyn Sandridge, told KTLA "a piece of us died yesterday with her."

"She has a lot of family, she's very loved, and we don't understand the details or anything," said Stevlyn Sandridge, a close relative of the deceased. “We don't know anything about why she was killed and why was they shooting into a crowd of innocent people,”she added.

Hemet Police addressed the incident after learning about the reports of gunfire around 6 pm on Tuesday in the 1200 block of Valencia Avenue.

Approximately about 8 individuals were involved in the deadly gunfight, which witnessed multiple gunshots. While the police were summoned to the spot, they arrived at the scene when three people (aside from Haynes) already fell prey to the attack. They were identified, and it was also found that two others involved in the act checked into a local hospital by themselves.

Not much has been disclosed about what could’ve triggered the crime, nor has there been any arrests made so far. Further investigation awaits.

In another news, a teenage mother reportedly walked into a Jersey City restaurant asking for help on Wednesday afternoon, before handing over her newborn baby to strangers and leaving abruptly.

According to the New York Post, the distraught 14-year-old mom entered the El Patron diner in New Jersey claiming she had found the child on the street. She proceeded to leave the newborn with two of the restaurant's customers before quietly exiting the establishment shortly.

Pregnant woman
Representation image. Photo by John Moore/Getty Images