A man has been accused of dousing his pregnant wife with kerosene before proceeding to set her ablaze after a heated argument over his new marriage in Thane, Maharashtra, India on Saturday, Oct. 30.

The accused, identified as Anil Bahadur Chourasia, 35, has been arrested and charged under section 307 (attempted murder) and other relevant provisions of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) for pouring kerosene on his wife, who was six months pregnant, and setting her on fire, NDTV reported.

The couple has reportedly frequently engaged in heated arguments and fights over the past couple of months after the husband allegedly married another woman in secret.

On Saturday, Oct 30, as the couple was embroiled in another confrontation regarding the man's new marriage, the accused, in a fit of rage, allegedly poured kerosene on his wife's body and set her on fire. Neighbors who heard the woman's screams immediately rushed to the house and helped extinguish the flames. They subsequently transported the woman to a nearby hospital for treatment, the Times Of India reported.

The victim sustained severe burns throughout her body in the attack and lost her baby. She is currently undergoing trauma treatment at a health facility.

In a similar but unrelated incident, a man reportedly set his wife ablaze after she insisted on traveling for her mother's funeral in Lagos, Nigeria.

The victim, identified as Ebere, traveled to her village to join others for her mother's burial. However, when she returned home to her husband in Lagos without her luggage, her husband reportedly got angry.

When he confronted her regarding the luggage she took for her mother's burial, Ebere told her husband that she felt there was no need to bring her luggage back to Lagos when she would be going back soon, Najja News reported.

Her response reportedly angered the husband, who in a fit of rage, proceeded to pour gasoline on her and set her on fire in their home in Lagos.

Ebere succumbed to her injuries and later died in a hospital while receiving treatment.

The husband also received burns in the attack.

Ebere's friend, identified as SisyCaro, shared the incident on her Facebook page and advised other women to stay out of abusive and violent relationships.

“I will keep on saying it. When u find urself in an abusive relationship, please walk away,” she wrote.

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