A Premier League star, who was held by police a few years ago in a separate case, was reportedly arrested recently for attacking his girlfriend after she called the cops.

The player, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was caught when police swooped on his home, reported The Sun. The athlete, tipped for international honors, is said to have sent her abusive late-night messages as well. He reportedly hired lawyers before silencing her with money, thought to be a five-figure sum, in an out-of-court settlement.

This comes after Manchester United star Mason Greenwood was arrested and then bailed last month on suspicion of assault, rape and threats to murder.

Following the Premier League star's recent case, a source said that this is "quite disturbing, especially coming after the claims about Greenwood." In the new case, the source said that the "footballer used his money to get lawyers to sort it out for him and keep it out of the public eye." According to the source, the player reached a settlement and that "has effectively silenced the girl in question and stopped court action." The insider added that the woman's claims "were very serious, and included at least one allegation of domestic assault.”

Cops said that they were alerted about the incident, but the athlete faced no further action because a “community resolution” was agreed upon. According to Daily Star, it is understood the footballer and his girlfriend are no longer in a relationship. The star was arrested in 2019 as well.

The athlete’s money was used to sweep abuse under the carpet, believes Teresa Parker, of Women’s Aid and founder of the Football United Against Domestic Violence campaign. She said that this case shows how the "significant amount of power and money within football can mean that allegations of domestic abuse or other forms of violence against women by players are seen as issues to be managed." She noted that as in this case, what can happen is that "every effort is taken to make what is seen as a problem go away."

According to her, all football clubs and organizations need to have "domestic abuse policies." She said that this is to ensure "they do not become the enablers and excusers of men who abuse their partners.”

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