Premios TVyNovelas 2014 Snubs: Fernando Colunga, William Levy, Eiza González, ‘La Tempestad’ Completely Ignored!

William Levy, Fernando Colunga and Eiza Snubbed!
Premios TVyNovelas 2014 just announced its nominations and fans are outraged that some of their favorite telenovelas stars did not land a nod. Find out who got snubbed! Televisa

Premios TVyNovelas have lost their prestige over the years as fans of telenovelas have become more vocal and see inconsistencies in the way productions and talent are nominated and ultimately win. The organizers of the award show have tried to bring back the credibility it once had and have made changes to the way winners are announced. For many years it has been said that actors only go to the gala if they are promised an award, or stars that are close to the editor of the publication get preferential treatment. As opposed to other ceremonies where the audience chose the nominees and winners of the event, under the new leadership a group of experts chose the nominees for the 2014 edition. During the live show, a panel of critics, actors, producers will pick amongst the nominees their favorite and the winner will be revealed. The process is a little more transparent as the audience will be able to see the vote count.

However, there is still dubious behavior that has the connoisseurs up in arms and has started the controversy all over again. Fernando Colunga is synonymous with the genre and his work on "Porque El Amor Manda" was overlooked and did not land him a nod in the Leading Actor category. Fans are outraged that their favorite leading man did not receive at least a mention as the production was one of the most success last year in terms of ratings. Other actors that were snubbed were Eduardo Yañez for "Amores Verdaderos" and William Levy for "La Tempestad." This last telenovela was also left out of the running for Best Telenovela and most of the major categories. Eiza Gonzalez's group of fans have also been causing waves on social networks as their idol was left out from the Lead Actress and Young Actress categories, whereas her counterpart Sebastian Rulli, was given a mention as Lead Actor. Other telenovelas shut out completely from the main event were "Que Bonito Amor" and "Libre Para Amarte."

The question of wether organizers are nominating only people that have confirmed they will be attending is raised again. We know William Levy is busy in the U.S. working on several projects just like Eiza Gonzalez and it would be difficult for them to attend the ceremony. In the case of Colunga, he has raised his concerns against the event in previous occasions, but ignoring his place as a telenovela heartthrob is a travesty. Our little brains are working on over time trying to find an answer to these questions. What if this is all just a marketing strategy that producers have orchestrated expecting an outcry like this? If that was their plan, they have won and it's working to perfection! What do you think of the Premios TVyNovelas 2014 snubs?

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