While “Pretty Little Liars” is one of the most popular, if not the most popular teen series currently on television it also has a tendency to break convention. The series has already tackled issues of bullying and sexuality, while also featuring one of the most prominent lesbian couples. So it should come as no surprise that Season 5 of PLL will be taking the sexuality conversation one step forward. New reports from E! Online claims that a female characters on a “high profile, fan favorite show” which most certainly sounds like “Pretty Little Liars,” will now include a character that will undergo a difficult change. The report claims that the female character will start transitioning into a man in the upcoming story arc, in addition the show described most certainly sounding like PLL, the series was also including on the short list of possibilities. So who will be making a big change in Season 5 of PLL? Well, fans are pretty certain that while Emily and Paige are openly homosexual, neither of the pair will be transitioning into a man.

However, the power couple is not the only homosexual character on the series, Maya, Jenna, Shana, and Ali have all explored their sexuality, and while two out of the four on the list are dead, it doesn’t eliminate PLL as a series to introduce a trans character. Instead, it seems that the series is well versed in interweaving teen’s sexuality with the overarching “A” storyline. “Pretty Little Liars” has had emotionally gripping LGBT storyline’s since the series inception, in Season 1 fans watched as Emily struggled with realizing her sexuality, until she finally came out as a lesbian with the help of her first girlfriend Maya. Following the death of Maya at the hands of “A,” Emily is nearly inconsolable losing the person who helped her realize her true self.

If “Pretty Little Liars” does introduce a transsexual character then it will be similar to it’s pervious LGBT storylines, instead of making a huge deal out of the character’s transition, it will be introduced gradually and like any other developing story arc. According to Wetpaint, it would make statistical sense for there to de at least one trans student at Rosewood High, however we are doubting that one of the four major Liars would start transitioning mainly due to the incessant “A” threat. What do you think about the possibility of a trans character on “Pretty Little Liars?” Comment below and let us know!