Mona and the Liars in the "Pretty Little Liars" Season 5 summer finale! ABC Family

With the return of Alison to Rosewood in Season 5, fans knew that the series was set to undergo some serious changes, however now with a major character death set to occur in the midseason finale, fans should expect for “Pretty Little Liars” to be changed for good. With the release of the promo video for the episode, aptly entitled “Taking This One To The Grave” fans are more on edge then ever, that one of the Liars will be killed off but after doing some investigative work of our own, “A” style, we have put together a spoiler rundown for everything in the Season 5 summer finale, including what major character will not be returning to Rosewood!

First things first, is Alison “A?” Well that’s certainly what “Pretty Little Liars” show runner Marlene King wants us to think. While the series undoubtedly has a history of misleading fans, most recently with the whole Ezra is “A” coop, this time we think it might be for real. Alison’s arrival back in Rosewood has been shaky from the start, almost immediately after coming clean to the Liars, she once again lied to the Rosewood PD, leaving her friends just as vulnerable as before. Her bond with Noel Kahn has always been questionable, then the arrival and disappearance of Cyrus Petrillo seemed like a calculated “A” move, and finally we saw Alison revert to her Vivian Darkbloom character when threatening Cyrus to leave Rosewood and never come back.

Let’s also not forget Emily’s most recent slip up in episode 11, when she called Alison “A” when talking to Spencer and Aria. Now in the promo video for the midseason finale, Alison’s possible “A” identity is hinted at more seriously with a voice over from Mona stating, “"I think she's gone full-on socio." Then later in the promo video, Alison attempts to talk to Emily, however the meeting is off to a bad start when Emily is literally terrified by the sound of Alison’s voice. The meeting seems to transform more into a confrontation with Alison storming out of Emily’s bedroom but not before delivering a shoulder hit.

Next up to discuss is blood, and lots of it, according to Detective Holbrook. The promo video begins with Detective Holbrook holding a press conference for the considered residents of Rosewood. Thankfully, it’s not Tanner handling the case, who has grown more annoying as the season has progressed. In the promo Holbrook reveals, “"The amount of blood in the house would indicate that the victim's wounds were fatal. We have ruled this a homicide." Ok, so there is no body? But there is still a death, right? Well unless the promo video is outright lying to fans, which to be brutally honest is something “Pretty Little Liars” has done before, then yes one of the major characters will die. After the reveal of the death or supposed death, Hanna looks the most devastated out of all of the Liars.

Why would Hanna be more upset over the death than the other Liars? Well, most likely because she had a different type of relationship to the deceased. In addition, to Hanna’s emotions, another clue in the promo video has lead us to believe that Mona is the character who dies in the midseason finale episode! The house in the beginning of the promo video is Mona’s, and Mona’s mother is set to appear in the episode. So including these pieces of information from the “Taking This One To Grave” promo and remembering Mona and Alison’s tumultuous path, it wouldn’t be a shock to see Mona killed off the series. One last note on the Mona death, in episode 11 when she and Aria had a heart to heart in the bathroom, fans almost felt sorry for her. Mona has lost her villainous ways in recent seasons, and instead of being Rosewood’s evil mastermind, she seems to be only trying to protect herself.

Last but not least, one of the Liars gets arrested. As if these four girls weren’t already on the police’s radar, now Mona has to up and die! Great! While Spencer is notably absent from the promo video, I don't think she is the Liar to get set up for the crime, instead after watching the promo video, I think it is Hanna who ends of getting cuffed and sent down to the station. It’s most likely that “A” or Alison has set Hanna up to take the fall for the murder of Mona. Alison and Hanna have been strained to say the least, Hanna was the first of the Liars to recognize Alison’s manipulative ways and attempt to distance herself. Whatever end sup happening with the arrest is definitely a direct result of “A’s” plotting, in the promo “A” sends a text to the Lairs that reads, "It's all your fault - A."

So much is set to happen in the Season 5 midseason finale “Taking This One To The Grave!” Do you agree with my observations for the promo video, or do you think “A” is taking out a different major character? Comment below and let us know!

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