Noel Kahn has many secrets and we are trying to figure them out. Alloy Entertainment

Even though the Season 4 finale of “Pretty Little Liars” filled in fans on the mysterious night of Ali’s disappearance, there are still plenty of loose ends to tie end in the Season 5 premiere. Mainly, what is the deal with Noel Kahn, and what is he hiding? Noel has always been a shadowy character on “Pretty Little Liars” since his first interaction with Aria way back when in Season 1. Alison only confirmed our suspicions of his seedy past by revealing to the Liars that he is helping her, because like her, he has secrets. But the burning question is what are those secrets and why did he confide in Alison? Even though the pair most certainly didn’t seem like a couple, first impressions can be deceiving. Maybe Noel is in love with Alison, hence why he is willing to put himself in danger to secure her safety.

As we learned from her multiple relationships with Wilden, Ian, Ezra and even Toby, Alison uses her power of persuasion to wrap men around her finger, so maybe Noel is just the latest on her laundry list of suitors. Even though Noel has also dated multiple people in the past seasons, he most certainly seemed to always have an agenda when it came to courtship. Maybe Noel fell or Ali in the midst of her disappearance and became determined to help her, even if that meant he had to date other people. Noel has dated multiple “A” suspects including Mona, Jenna and even Aria, who still tops our “A” suspects list. Could Ali have asked Noel to date her former friends/enemies in order to determine if they were her tormentor? Hey this is “Pretty Little Liars,” so just about anything is possible.

But it could be less about romance and more about fear. It is very possible that “A” is also after Noel. Noel has always had an issue with the Liars, maybe because he thought that one of them was “A” and his constant tormentor. It wouldn’t really be out of the realm of possibilities that “A” was also stalking Noel. He or she pretty much had everyone else in Rosewood on surveillance, so what’s one more person? The other reason that “A” might be after Noel is due to these supposed secrets Ali mentioned in the Season 4 finale. We know from his relationship with Aria and later his altercation with Ezra that Noel isn’t the pillar for moral high ground. So maybe “A” has some dirt on him. Could it be involving Maya? Who was last seen oat his lake house? Or is it possibly about Wilden?

Wilden was friendly with CeCe Drake -- more than friendly. He was stalking her, but “A” was also staking him. Then fans learned that CeCe was friendly with the eldest Kahn brother, creating an endless web of connections between Noel, CeCe, Wilden and “A.” Could Noel be Wilden’s killer? Is he the mystery person that CeCe has been communicating with? Noel seems to be the only character with direct access to Alison, and maybe he helped CeCe off Wilden, assuming that the crooked cop was “A.” Speaking of murder, something that happens all too frequently in Rosewood, Noel could most certainly be connected with the girl who is currently occupying Ali’s grave. The mystery of who is buried in Ali’s grave has been looming for a while now, and fans aren’t any closer to figuring out who or why the body is there. Did Noel kill the mystery girl? Or perhaps he knows who did? CeCe claimed she knew who the real killer is, so maybe that’s the connection and his deep secret.

Whatever Noel’s connection to Ali, “A,” and the mystery girl in Ali’s grave is, fans should expect to watch it unfold in Season 5. With Alison back in Rosewood, we are also expecting to see Noel return, which means the mystery is only getting brought back home and closer to the Liars.

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