Prince Andrew allowed an interview with BBC so he can clear his name after he was revealed to be a close friend of Jeffrey Epstein, a former financier and convicted sex offender. He was also accused of sex abuse but rather than getting himself out of trouble, the interview did him more harm than good and it caused the scandal to escalate further.

The Accusations

Virginia Roberts accused Prince Andrew of abuse as she claimed he had sex with her when she was only 17-years-old. Based on her story, she was asked by Epstein and his then partner, Ghislaine Maxwell, to be intimate with the prince and alleged that she was forced to do this three times, on three different occasions between 1999 and 2002.

This is to say that Prince Andrew benefited from Epstein’s activities of trafficking minors for sex. However, the Duke of York strongly refuted the allegations. He also denied any knowledge or involvement in Epstein’s crimes and no criminal or civil charges have been filed against him, but he recently stepped down from his royal duties.

The Alleged Raid In the Palace

According to Australia’s Woman’s Day, after Prince Andrew’s interview with BBC, the FBI launched an investigation against him. They said that the interview raised more questions than answers especially when he insisted that he never met Virginia Roberts. The prince said that he can’t recall ever meeting her so her accusations are false.

They have a photo together which Roberts said was taken in 2001, on the night they first met and the first time when they slept together. The prince suggested that the picture is fake and provided the alibi that he was with his daughter Princess Beatrice on the date when Roberts said she met him.

He insisted that he was at the Pizza Express in Woking on that night but when asked how he could clearly recall every detail of that time with his daughter, he said it’s “because going to Pizza Express in Woking is very unusual for me to do.” Aside from his statement, he did not produce any proof that he was indeed out with his daughter at that time.

Now, it was said that the FBI warned that it would raid the Buckingham Palace if the royal family will not cooperate with the investigation. A source said that Prince Andrew’s simple link to Epstein is enough for him to be probed.

The Truth About The Raid

The report about the raid is not true because as Gossip Cop pointed out, the FBI, as an American law enforcement agency, has no jurisdiction over the Buckingham Palace which is located in the United Kingdom. Plus, Prince Andrew already declared that he will cooperate with the investigation thus there is no need for a “raid.”

Prince Andrew
The Duke of York the opening of a new building for the collaborative research facility at The Hartree Centre in Daresbury. Science and Technology Facilities Council Follow/Flickr

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