Prince Charles may consider divorcing Camilla Parker-Bowles when he becomes king. The dad of two is reportedly gearing up to take over the throne from Queen Elizabeth II.

Milly Haddrick, a journalist for New Idea, claimed that since not everyone supports Camilla as the new queen or queen consort, Prince Charles would be faced with the impossible task of choosing between their marriage or his role in the royal family. Prince Charles and Camilla had an affair while the former was still married to Princess Diana, which is one of the reasons why Camilla has not won the hearts of all Britons.

A palace insider said that Prince Charles knows how important it is to gain the trust, love and respect of the people because this is what the Queen has done throughout the years. As such, Prince William and Prince Harry’s dad may consider sacrificing his relationship for the crown.

“There is a lot of concern behind palace walls that Her Majesty is taking on too many responsibilities for someone of her age,” a palace insider said. “The family, particularly Charles, want her to scale back,” the source added.

Haddrick claimed that a palace source told their publication exclusively that Prince Charles would be crowned king when the Queen turns 95 years old. Her Majesty’s 95th birthday will be on April 21, 2021.

Meanwhile, Camilla Parker Bowle’s ratings as the next queen or queen consort when Prince Charles becomes king is reportedly quite low. This is quite a surprise for the palace insider because Camilla has also become more popular with the public based on some polls.

“What we must remember is that many young people don’t remember Diana and many older people have forgiven Camilla,” the insider said. “The Diana diehards will always hate Camilla but time is a healer and more than 20 years after Diana’s death, I thought the worst was over.”

Prince Charles and Camilla Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, attend the opening of a new terminal at the Owen Roberts International Airport on March 27, 2019, in George Town, Cayman Islands. Phil Noble - Pool/Getty Images