Apparently, not everyone in the royal family is warming up to Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle. If reports are accurate, a senior royal even predicted that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s marriage will not likely last for long.

The gloomy prediction reportedly came from a senior royal, who thinks that Meghan Markle’s marriage to Prince Harry will “only last three years,” according to British newspaper The Sunday Times. However, the publication did not reveal the identity of the royal.

The royal also gave the Duchess of Sussex an unflattering new nickname. According to the report, Meghan has been called “the degree wife” by this mysterious source. Apparently, the reason for the moniker is that it takes three years to finish a standard degree in the U.K.

The Duchess of Sussex has been called by a number of nicknames — mostly unsavory ones — since she joined the royal family last year. For instance, Tatler earlier reported that the former “Suits” star has been called “Me-Gain” behind her back by her own team.

She was also reportedly given the nickname “Duchess Difficult” by some palace staff. Reports also say that some of her staff are already quitting due to her unrealistic demands.

However, Meghan’s perceived “unrealistic demands” might just be a difference in work ethics as the former actress’ demands might be considered normal by Hollywood standards. “Meghan can be difficult,” a source told Express. “She has very high standards and is used to working in a Hollywood environment.”

The source can’t help but notice a marked difference between Meghan and Kate’s way of interacting with the staff. “However, there’s a different degree of respect in the royal household and Kate has always been very careful about how she has acted around staff,” the sourced said.

But not all of Meghan’s nicknames are negative. In fact, one of the most heartwarming nicknames that the duchess received came from Prince Charles, who called her Tungsten.

While being named after a metal does not sound like a compliment, there’s a very good reason why Prince Harry’s father chose such an unusual nickname for her. “Prince Charles admires Meghan for her strength and the backbone she gives Harry, who needs a tungsten-type figure in his life as he can be a bit of a softy,” a source explained.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, speak on stage during WE Day UK 2019. John Phillips/Getty Images