Royal Ghost Stories
Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and The Duchess of Sussex leave following their wedding ceremony in St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle on May 19, 2018 in Windsor, England. Windsor Castle, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding venue, is reportedly haunted. Owen Humphreys - WPA Pool/Getty Images

The British royal family captures the world’s attention with fairytale-like love stories, lavish weddings and ceremonies. But behind the grandiose facade are traces of history and dark secrets from the past. Some now surface as ghost stories.

Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding venue shares its haunting

Windsor Castle not only speaks royalty but whispers spooky stories too, including the tale of the infamous four statues. The story goes that a visitor once asked a castle guard about three statues in black surrounding another statue who was crouched on the ground, depicting a beheading ritual. The guard, clueless as to what the visitor was talking about, checked the area where the apparition was seen. Upon revisiting, no statues were found.

Another ghost story surrounding Windsor Castle is the ghost of Henry VIII and his young wife, Anne Boleyn. King Henry VIII is heard making ghostly sounds and seen walking through walls. Boleyn was Henry VIII’s youngest wife and was executed by him for the reason that she did not bear him a son. Her ghost has been seen weeping in the windows of the Dean’s Cloister.

Windsor Castle is the most haunted among the royal residences, with 12 dozens of ghosts documented roaming around. Queen Elizabeth II and her sister Margaret were reported to have seen the ghost of Elizabeth I, who usually strolls in the library.

The Queen has felt the spirit of John Brown in Balmoral Castle

John Brown was a personal servant and favorite of Queen Victoria, who was rumored to have fallen in love with Brown. There were sightings of Brown walking through corridors with his kilt, and reports say that the Queen herself felt Brown’s presence in the castle.

Kensington Palace is haunted, too

The residential house of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is reported to have ghost hauntings too, specifically in the nursery room. The royal ghosts of Princess Sophia, George II and Caroline Brunswick have been seen roaming around the room and vanishing through walls.

The royal family’s Christmas home is haunted by a poltergeist

The ghosts of Sandringham House are more aggressive than ghosts in any other royal houses. Spirits in the house make their presence known through books falling off the shelves, Christmas cards flying and the sound of footsteps.

The ghost of monk resides in Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace may be the busiest of all the royal houses, but this does not free it of ghosts. The most prominent sighting here is the apparition of a monk in brown cowl. Another ghost that roams around Buckingham is that of Major John Gwynne’s. Gwynne is said to be King Edward VII’s private secretary, who killed himself in the first floor office.

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