Prince William once told Princess Diana that he wouldn’t want to be king, and Prince Harry had the best response. In a recent bombshell, former Newsnight presenter Jeremy Paxman shared a conversation he once had with the Princess of Wales, in which she revealed that her son Harry was more keen on the throne than Prince William was.

In Paxman’s Channel 5 series about the royals, the royal writer spilled the beans about how different Prince William and Prince Harry were as kids. Paxman recounted that over one lunch she had with Princess Diana, the princess recounted how Prince Harry volunteered to become king when Prince William told his mother that he did not want the throne. “We talked about our children and she said William often told her that he didn’t really want to be king, and then Harry would say, ‘If you don’t want the job I’ll have it!’” Paxman shared.

Although Princess Diana did not detail how she told the young Prince William that he was born to be a monarch and that he would be king in the future, it was clear to her that her young child already had an idea what it was like to become a king and he did not want it. And while Prince Harry said at the time that he was willing to volunteer as king to fill his brother’s shoes, everybody knows he would not say the same today. Many times in the past, the Duke of Sussex told the press that he did not want to be king and that nobody in their family would want to be in that position. 

According to Paxman, the revelation came after an isolated and forlorn Princess Diana phoned him up to ask him if he could have lunch with her. During their conversation, Princess Diana told him how difficult it was for her to live her life as a royal. Paxman went on to share Princess Diana’s response to him when he said that life inside the palace was like being in a prison. “She said, ‘It’s not a prison at all, Jeremy. More like an upmarket Coronation Street. As we go out, you will see the curtains twitching,’” said Paxman.

Prince Harry and Prince William Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, during the annual Remembrance Sunday memorial. Chris Jackson/Getty Images