Prince Harry seats sixth in line to the British throne, but his late mother, Princess Diana, thinks that the Duke of Sussex will make a good king. The late Princess of Wales believed that Prince Harry can easily rule as a king.

The fate of the succession to the British throne is determined by sex, legitimacy and religion, and the most significant factor is descent. Queen Elizabeth II’s eldest son, Prince Charles, naturally inherits the throne of Her Majesty after she retires. Next to be king is Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s eldest son, Prince William.

The Prince and Princess of Wales’ youngest son, Prince Harry, is pushed further down and away from the throne with the birth of future heirs Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

However, Princess Diana believed that Prince Harry would make a good king, if given the chance. In a biography titled “Harry Conversations With The Prince,” written by Angela Levin, Princess Diana said that she saw Prince Harry get on with people quicker. She also lovingly teased her youngest son as “Good King Harry.”

Former bodyguard Ken Wharfe spoke of Harry similarly. Wharfe compared Prince William and Prince Harry, concluding that Prince Harry is more open, like her late mother, and often makes people around him laugh. Wharfe added that Prince Harry would make a “remarkable king” since he can easily connect with people, which Prince Harry might have picked up from his late mother.

Princess Diana gave more special attention to Prince Harry when he and Prince William were just kids. Her reason for this was that William had received so much attention and love from the Queen and the public due to his position as a future king. Thus, Princess Diana made sure to compensate the lack of attention the other royal family was giving Harry.

The royal brothers seemed to have embraced what they are destined to do. But if given the chance to become a king, Prince Harry disclosed that he will still live a normal life and do his own shopping.