Prince Harry got emotional thinking about and speaking of his son, baby Archie at an annual awards ceremony. With tears in his eyes, he even discussed some fears he had before his baby with Meghan Markle was born.

Giving an emotional speech on Tuesday at an annual awards ceremony for children suffering from severe illnesses, their families as well as caregivers. Prince Harry’s first ever attendance to the WellChild Awards was already over a decade ago. 

In his speech, he shared how his feelings about the event intensified because at the time, he was anticipating the birth of his first child. it can be remembered that this time a year ago, Meghan Markle was heavily pregnant. “"I remember squeezing Meghan's hand so tight during the award and both of us thinking, 'what it would be like to be parents one day,” he said.

Then he got emotional recalling how scared he was to bring forth a baby to this world where life is not easy. He recalled trying to sort out with the Duchess of Sussex “what it would be like to do everything we could to protect and help our child should they be born with immediate challenges or become unwell over the time.” 

Now that baby Archie is already in this world for several months already, Prince Harry said that his appreciation for the charity has deepened. "As parents, being here and speaking to all of you pulls at my heartstrings in a way I could never have understood until I had a child of my own," he said. 

If this does not shows how great of a father Prince Harry is, what would? He’s a great husband to Meghan Markle too. According to a mom at the awards, Eve Narayn-Nicholas, she had the chance to talk with te royal couple and was preview to how sweet they were to each other.

“They were very lovely,” said Eve, according to Hello! magazine. “When she sat down I said, ‘Oh, you look amazing and you’ve just had a baby.’ [Harry] looked at her and went, ‘See, I told you!’ in a way that we would.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Prince Harry and Meghan Markle lay ferns and a wreath at the tomb of the Unknown Warrior at the newly unveiled UK war memorial and Pukeahu National War Memorial Park, on Oct. 28, 2018, in Wellington, New Zealand. Getty Images/Rosa Woods