Although the royal family is bound by royal protocols, they go against tradition from time to time. Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton are no exception to that. In fact, these two are repeat offenders, deliberately bending certain rules for quite a while now. Check out this list to see how Prince William and Kate go against royal customs.

1. When they travel together as a family

The royal couple has already broken this rule when they traveled with their kids to New Zealand and Australia, and it looks like they don’t mind breaking it again and again. Based on protocol, a group of royals with two or more heirs to the throne cannot travel together. The rationale? Pretty much like that of the United States’ “designated survivor” rule: the royal family cannot afford to lose heirs to the throne at once in case of an accident or crash. As royals, they must ensure that the lineage is always protected.

2. When they show some PDA

Technically, there is no rule in place against showing PDA. However, royal couples are usually not allowed to hug, kiss or hold hands during official appearances because they are supposed to work as representatives of the British monarchy. Over the course of their marriage, Prince William and Kate have shared a few sweet moments together — when Kate gave Prince William a subtle smooch at the Foundation Polo Challenge in Santa Barbara, CA, in 2011, and when they hugged each other while cheering for a home team during the London Olympics in 2012.

3. When they release photos of their children

Prince William and Kate usually break royal tradition by sharing their family snaps on social media. This is something the Queen is against, but the royal couple does it on their own terms. Adept in photography, Kate loves taking photos of her children and releasing these snaps for the public to see. But when she has to be in the photos, she and Prince William ask someone else to hold the camera for them.

4. When they send their children to a local school

While boarding school is the most popular choice for young royals, Prince William and Kate opt to enroll their kids in more local and independent schools in London. Prince George currently attends Thomas’ Battersea, and Princess Charlotte will join her brother there once she finishes nursery at Willcocks Nursery School. The reason the royal couple wants their children to study in these schools is because they want them to live normal lives, socializing with normal kids.

5. When they arrive at services after the Queen

Once, the royal couple arrived at the Easter church service at St. George’s chapel in Windsor late, breaking protocol by arriving after Queen Elizabeth. The royal family typically arrives at events in order of rank, so Her Majesty must be the last to arrive at events. That particular Easter, however, Prince William and Kate failed to make it before the Queen because they were stuck in traffic.

Prince William and Kate Middleton Britain's Prince William, Duke of Cambridge (L), and his wife, Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, shelter from the rain beneath umbrellas as they arrive to visit Blackpool Tower in Blackpool. PAUL ELLIS/AFP/Getty Images